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Import IIF, TXT, CSV and Other QuickBooks Desktop Journal Entries to QuickBooks Online


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The Guru uses comprehensive error checks and validation routines.


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Multi-user Capability


Every client using Guru starts with an administrator and that administrator can invite additional users thus allowing accounting firms to add internal users and invite their clients as well. This means the Guru is just as flexible as QuickBooks. The firm may be closing monthly books for a client, and the client did not get the last journal entries imported. No problem, the firm’s bookkeeper working on the account simply signs in and imports the entries. As long as they have the proper access to the client’s QuickBooks Online company, it’s that easy!

Sync Guru with QuickBooks Online for importing that’s efficient and safe

Guru takes an IIF file and allows the user to upload it into QuickBooks Online quickly and simply. With a click of a button Guru can be sync’d with the accounts, classes, etc. in the applicable QuickBooks Online company. If the IIF file has an account or class that doesn't match or isn't in your QuickBooks Online company an error will result and you won't be allowed to import the file until the problem is corrected.

Review import history and related files

Users can view a history of all files uploaded into QuickBooks Online and the related raw files.

Error checks and reprocessing rejected files

Guru runs several routines to check for potential file problems including unbalanced entries, invalid accounts or classes, invalid or missing dates, etc. Guru notifies the user of the error, what needs to be corrected, and allows the user to easily reprocess the rejected entry once the error has been corrected.


Why do I need Guru, and what is a "traditional QuickBooks IIF file"?

An IIF file is a file format that can be uploaded into the venerable desktop version of QuickBooks. However, without a tool like Guru an IIF file cannot be imported into QuickBooks Online. Guru specifically allows users to import an IIF file into QuickBooks Online as one or more journal entries.


What if I have a question? Tell me about your support.

What is the difference between an "Administrator" and a "User"?
How does the trial work?
Guru offers two levels of support: E-mail and Premium. With E-mail support you can e-mail us at and we will help you with your questions. With our Premium Support (available to Gold and Platinum users) you can e-mail or call us with your questions.
Let's start with an "administrator". Every client that signs up for Guru Importer has an administrator and this is the person that signs up for the level of access (Bronze, Silver, etc.), identifies QuickBooks Online companies in Guru Importer, and invites additional users to their Guru account. The administrator has access to all QuickBooks Online companies and can use Guru Importer to upload IIF files and submit support questions.
The free trial gives you complete Bronze level access and support for 14 days. A credit card is not required.

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